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Super Nintendo

Kao Megura kmegura yahoo. To download ROMs and emulators for all systems, go to www. To alter the statistics of your characters through hacking into your save state or. This guide will not work with any other programs, as each one works with the save states differently. Most of the questions I get anymore have to do with offsets — what are they, how do I tell what I'm editing, I don't understand hacking in general, etc.

As far as I am concerned, the help Section is as thorough is it is going to get. The only way I could explain it any better would be to point at the screen and say, "See that there? That's what you need to change!

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For the best explanation with pictures , open the help file and click on the Find tab. Search for offset, click on the first option there should be four , and click on "How to Hex Edit" in the box below. Read over that very carefully, and you should have no trouble with hacking and finding offsets after that. If you have reached this stage and do not understand, do not e-mail me, for I will not be able to help you. Do not ask me to hack files for you; I will ignore any request to do so.

Answers for commonly asked questions: You don't use a cartridge in the SNES for this process. Have you heard of emulation? An emulator is a program on your PC or Mac that you can use to play the games you have. Once you have both, load up the ROM in your emulator. This will make a copy of that EXACT moment in the game, so when you load the state F4 it will reappear right at that point.

Now that you have a save state file. Go to www. Otherwise, get them so that you can follow the rest of this. Once you are using an emulator, you may have found out how to use save states. Basically, save states save all the details of your game at that exact moment. Thus, you can use it more often, and faster, than regular saving.

For example, if you want to save your state right before making a choice like a fork in the road, if you choose the wrong path, you can just load up your save state and choose again. At any rate, to begin hacking, go to the Breakpoint software homepage www. Load up your favorite emulator whatever that may be and make a save state. Next, load up Hex Workshop and load the save state ex: For example, if the offset is 90B4, type 90B4 and press enter, and it will take you right to it. Keep in mind that this all uses the hexadecimal system, which means that not only is there 0 - 9, but also A - F.

This is called hexadecimal because there are 16 numbers instead of ten. So, let's say that offset is the offset for speed, and you want speed to be at max , FF in hexadecimal. Use "go to" to go to offset , and then type in FF. Next, save the data, and open the emulator again. Load the state, and voila!

Note that you can make as many changes as you want before reloading the state not just one, as in the example , and that you should close Hex Workshop before reloading the state. Lv 30 is the max. The best way to do this would be to change the exp to max.

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I may have already said this in the guide, but I'll say it again here: The max exp you can get is This amount is what is needed to get you to lv However, because of the way it was programmed, the game will not allow any more level gains at two points: To get to lv 30 most easily, set your exp to or something that can be gained in one or two fights.

To find a particular offset easily, use the "go to" command in the edit menu I think. Remember, because of the hexadecimal system you can also enter letters from A to F. For example, if the offset is A, use "go to" and type in A. The program will take you right to it! Also, somewhere on the screen bottom right corner I think a small box will say what offset you are currently on ex.

Now for the entering of values. Lets say you want to change Mario's attack to 99 the max is To do that, go to the offset that changes attack I forget the number and type in two number or letters from A to F The hexadecimal system is hard to grasp at first. In the 99 example, 99 become 63 in hexadecimal form. In decimal or standard form, the base is ten. This means that for a number say each digit is multiplied by an increasing power of ten.

For , it looks like this: If you already know how to work with powers, I apologize for repeating this basic information. As you can see, the powers of the digits increase at we go along.

In hexadecimal, the base is 16, not 10, so there are a few changes. Here's what would look like in hexadecimal: The highest number you can get with one offset is FF in hexadecimal. Two offset changes are much harder, because the number that you are trying to change is broken up into two pieces. For these numbers, refer to the list of useful numbers at the beginning of the guide. For example, input E to get great for HP and money and 0F27 to get good for exp, but modify it slightly. Thus, if the two offsets for exp are C and D, type in 0F at offset C and 27 at offset D.

Keep in mind that the first offset controls the lower numbers up to so if you change that by one you will change the number by one. However, the second offset controls the larger numbers, so a change of one might change the number by or more. If you want, say, exp, lower the first offset from 0F to 0C, which is four numbers lower.

It may appear like this: They may appear like this: E6 03 20 20 FF - The printed garbage is there only so humans can look at it. It's not very pretty; it won't help you in most cases; don't worry about it. So for the offset of B9, go to the line "B0" and the 9th column to the right. If you open Windows Calculator and enter "" in decimal form and convert it to hexadecimal form, it will show "3E7" note that Calculator will remove any leading zeros. To use this multi-column hex value, add any necessary leading zeros in this case, in front of the "3" to make even pairs "03 E7".

Put the number pairs in reverse order "E7 03" in the smrpg. For the basic rule of thumb, number pairs are entered like this: The five main stats speed, attack, etc. Any bonuses from weapons are added during the game, and are not included here. The maximum value for the base stats is , or FF in hexadecimal.

Super Mario World ROM Hacks -

Maximum HP is The experience number is the total experience of the character, and the experience needed to reach the next level is derived from that. If you input a value greater than of the needed experience, after one fight the character's level will raise to whatever it should be with that amount of experience. However, if you input 0F 27 in hexadecimal the game stops keeping track of experience, so the character will gain no levels.

Similarly, changing the level stat will only raise the amount of needed experience, delaying the next level up, without giving the character the bonuses and techniques for the levels that were skipped over. Also, if the character's level is set to 30, the game stop keeping track of experience, and the character will gain no levels.

In short, changing the level stat is a bad idea. I advise against messing with the technique lists, as what tests I have done have proved little. For example, Toadstool's and Mallow's lists are broken up into two pieces, one for use out of combat and one for use in combat only, thus they have two offsets each. Bowser only uses one offset, but inputting some values give him only half of his techniques and others give him some of Geno's techniques. For now, experiment with these at your own risk until I solve this bizarre puzzle.

Of course, if you want to solve it yourself, go right ahead! I can use the help.

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