First, type "turn windows features" into the start menu search. Select the top match. If no luck, you need to uninstall Virtualbox, head to your BIOS, and make sure virtualization is selected. You need to enable virtualization in your BIOS settings. Press either F2 or DEL during the boot process, then searching for an option concerning virtualization. Installation went through smoothly and even the command line updates for VirtualBox were successful. But when I try to run my vm, I get a black screen and a popup window with a message that "A critical error has occurred while running the virtual machine and the machine execution has been stopped.

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No idea if this will get a response but here's hoping. I tried mounting it with a virtual ODD but it rejects it. Did I just download the wrong thing? Mind helping me get through installing via a. You'll need to create an account at the site, and use VMware still patching as per the article instructions. Tried the intel version today with Virtualbox and never get to grey screen. In some kind of a boot loop with the text part of the bootup repeating over and over. Got any idea what might be wrong?

Sounds like something went wrong during the installation process. I would suggest retrying, double checking each line of code is exactly the same. I had the same problem , Dave may also have to execute the DOS commands while VirtualBox is closed, that worked for me. Hi, I downloaded the AMD version but it is. Except, when I download the macOS Sierra file, it is a. Like what am I supposed to do now?

Sorry for the slow reply. I'm working a fix for you. Thanks for your patience. I'll update you as soon as possible. You can specify resolution in the hardware tab, found in the settings menu. The trackpad is a little more tricky. I'm having the same resolution issue as Shekhar. Since I have a 4K screen, it'd be awesome to use all of the real estate.

Thanks a ton Gavin, I read the original article and for the black borders there is an isolated file named 'VM Tool's I could send you the link if you want. Ironically, I actually do spend some time on Apple hardware, but my setup is customized such that it's not really recognizable. That is exactly why this article came about. I needed a Mac OS version to test some things for another article, and realised we hadn't covered it. I hope you found it useful in some way. Make a website to do it, Apple!

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Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. When I start mac VirtualBox it just stays on the screen with the grey and yellow text. This was very helpful for me. Took me ages to figure this out. What could be the issue here? Thanks in advance for any pointers. I do see error messages in the log. I am unsure how to interpret the log messages, though: In case anyone else is stuck at the Apple logo and the progress bar: So I hope you can tell me how I can get this working. Any ideas?

Video walkthrough

Greetings everyone! Please hekp. VirtualBox audio on Sierra is not supported. If you want sound then VMware is your only choice. What have I done wrong? Thank you in advance! Hi Gavin, I have followed all the steps and not seemed to have any errors or issues, but when I go to run the machine I just get a quick shot of the VirtualBox logo and then it goes to black and doesn't move on. Hi Gavin! Any idea what this is and how I can get around it??? Any thoughts on what this could be. Finally, are you running a 64bit operating system host? Hopefully that helps. Thanks in advance! I appreciate the write up either way.

Hey MinMin, Sorry for the slow reply. I'm working on a fix. I'll update you as soon as possible! Can I ask what VM software you were using? Hopefully you get up and running! Hi Dave, Sounds like something went wrong during the installation process. Good tip, Fabrice, and thought I'd included that in the original article. Have edited it in. Thank you. Hi Yuri. Thanks for being patient. Hi Peter, Sorry for the slow reply.

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Knowledge Base. This article provides steps to install Windows 10 as a guest operating system in a new virtual machine under VMware Fusion 8. Installing Windows 10 as a guest operating system is supported only in VMware Fusion 8. Click here to download Windows The New Virtual Machine Assistant starts. Click on Continue. Click Use another disc and disc image for the Choose an operating system installation disc or image option. Browse to the folder where the downloaded ISO disc image is located. In the Operating System panel, ensure that Operating System is set to Microsoft Windows and Version is set correctly to Windows 10 or Windows 10 bit , depending on whether it is bit or bit that you are trying to install.

Click Continue. The entry in the Password field is the password for the Windows administrator account only. Hey, Your tutorial worked like a Charm! Love ya! Just one thing. Can I increase RAM? Would it effect? My PC Specs are: I am stuck at apple logo no further action … at first there was a message saying something sata0: When I im trying to create new virtual machine, after that i have to select the MACos, so this option is not available.

Hi, Glad I came across this nice clear tutorial. I can check it but when I do it says what I posted. What could be the problem? I suggest you, install VMware tools again and use the updated file. Perfectly written guide! First time through with no issues installing. Yes dear, I Recommend you to Install VMware tools to enhance the performance and it might fix the issue. I am using VMware Pro I tried restarting and running Patch tool few times.

Can anyone pls help. Thank you for your reply, but that is not t the case. Both systems do not give me options to install Apple OS. I done another fresh install on third system yesterday, same thing…. Hey dear Joe, I have newly just updated the Patch tools folder. So to try again with the new patch tools folder: I am sorry for that but it mostly has problem with AMD based Laptop or desktop. Try once again step by step with the help of article below. The ISO file might have a problem.

Step 3. For now give a try you might be able to Install because it works on some AMD processor. Every time I try to start the machine it gives me this error: Is there any way to fix this? Whenever I try to add the. Hi, Thanks a lot for your tutorial, this version is the last version of macOS Sierra? Hello, I have downloaded the OS file several times. Please advise the download link for the same. Follow the video below the post and if you did not get it let us know!

Hey i tried few times, and always getting this error: You ever find a fix? Must be the AMD cpu. Not until now, but make you sure that you are using the latest version of VMware and as well as macOS Sierra file with Patch tools files.

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  7. I have tried to run mac OS X Also send me your system information, in cause if you failed to boot. System info is on here: Hi, do you have a copy of the latest beta or know of a way to update the os on its self. On that time you can download the full version from the App Store. Hi, thanks for your tutorial and the package. Works great — I did follow your Youtube video to set it all up.

    Hello … I installed the mac os x as written in the blog. I hav a amd a8 processor. The laptop is samsung ultrabook. Its in tripple boot already.. Though i m installing mac os x in vmware windows 10 only. I have unlocked the vmware using the unlocker you provided.. Please help me out..

    Yes sir, i checked the BIOS just now. I also searched web about the same and i found out that vt-x is auto enabled on amd processors. So yes it is enabled. Hey dear, I am really sorry. Did you ever figure this one out? I have same situation, enabled virtualization in bios as well. Maybe your problem is due to AMD Laptop. The links are updated, Now you are able to download the files. I installed tools and it does not correct my display. I too have same black areas. Otherwise, perfect tutorial.

    HI, My macOS runs in small window rather complete full screen. The full screen option is already selected in VM. Can you please help. Maybe you missed any step or any points. Please watch the video down below the post and go accordingly. If again you did not pass it let me know. This happens to me too. I watched the video fully, i made sure i made all the steps right. Plz help. After reading that I assume that my account is simply not an admin account: Please try once this method. Thx, it worked!

    It just say my password is incorrect.. So the admin password is not the same as the user password, would you know the admin password? Thanks again for this tutorial, I tried it after having problems with screen size on virtual box with El Capitan.

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    Here with sierra on VMWare the size of the screen is great! One thing though: I tried to use the command line to authorise the installation of plugin from unidentified developer. I use a sudo command and it ask me for a password.

    Installing Windows 10 as a guest operating system in VMware Fusion ()

    It does not work when I input the password I use to open my session. You might have run simple. You must run as administrator. I get this error when installing the virtual machine VMware Player unrecoverable error: When I do this and try to run the VM it says cannot run the virtual machine because vmx file is corrupt. It seems that you have edited the VMX file wrong. Try again and follow step by step or watch the video guide. Clear and full step by step article. This is really unique post here. Hope you can protect first set on search engines. Full screen mode is muuuuuuch better than the experience with virtual box, yet the VMware is not free, and the license is quite expensive on my view.

    Last remark: You can find the license key for free on the internet. What do I do I need the full screen. Hi, i also have problem with the patch tool. Hi we had installed using your video but when we power on the virtual machine the ios logo is appearing and it is not taking for the further steps. You did not Add smc. So how can I find the wmx file? I did on I waited for 1 hour plus for completion. Hi Pritish — did you end up figuring out the issue?

    Gets to that point in about 5 min and nothing for an hour. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Mac OS. Extract macOS Sierra Zip file.

    How to Install macOS Sierra 10.12 on VMware?

    Install win-install file. Typical Configuration. Guest Operating System Installation.

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    • How to Install macOS Sierra on VMware - Windows 10, 8, 7.

    Select a Guest Operating System. Define Virtual Machine and Choose Path. Specify Disk Capacity. Ready to Create Virtual Machine. Edit Virtual Machine settings. Choose Memory or Memory. Set Processor to 4. Remove Hard Disk. Select Hard Disk. Select a Disk Type. Select Disk Type. Select an Existing Disk. Edit Virtual Machine Code. Edit VMX File. Power on this virtual Machine. Select Your Country. Select your Keyboard. Transfer Information to this Mac. Enable Location Services. Terms and Conditions. Create a Computer Account.

    How to install Windows 10 on Mac using an external drive

    Setting up Your Mac. Browse ISO Image file. Save the changes. Vmware Tools. VMware Tools Installer. Install Now. Continue Installation. Install Software. VMware Tools Installed. Share Share. Prev Article. Next Article. Robert Heston. Until my next comment… momentarily…. Mukhtar Jafari. Hi, Although I followed the instructions carefully, something is wrong at booting. Thanks in advance for your reaction!! Failed to start the virtual machine. Hope you can help me.

    Any fix on your end? No macOS. Can you update to mojave from the store? Faiz Orz. Anagh W. John Doe. Yeah dear, it is. Zain jamil. Mahdi Akbarian. Thanks for your guidance. I started at the black backgroudn with the apple logo with a progress bar. Hi, Everything works smoothly. Thanks for the tutorial, can we get this to work on ESXi 6x? Thank you this worked!! Amazing enjoy then. Yeah, with VMware 14 I think this patch tool is not working. I did that before and what happened to you happened to me.

    Oh, I saw it is Kernel Panic. But I dont know what to do. Did you add smc. Boy You can request support. Know Thy I. Works like a charm! Thank you!!!! Though I did have to use v. Worked perfectly! Thanks for sharing your feedback dear Jakky. Did you run it as Admin? Thank you Error message: Try this code smc.

    Yes dear, You can select, but you need higher Memory for higher performance. Jonathan Lesuperb. Thanx So much is worked for me. Welcome dear, Thank you for sharing your feedback. Did the steps one by one followed each one closely , and it worked like a charm. Anna Kendrick. Can you tell me what was your problem, dear Anna Kendrick?

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    Dhrumil Shah. Try once again and this time exit VirtualBox before adding code to cmd. Chev Durrant. Did you add the smc. Charitha Dharmasena. This is work perfectly. Thank You very much wikigain. How to transparent menu bar not Dock? Please Help me. Simon Eade. Works fine. Is it safe to install updates from Apple? Yeah, you can update to the latest version. Wilfried Mestdagh. Have not tried yet but our visitor has done this without any problem.

    You also can try once. Some Idea? Choose the file correctly. Please let us know if it works. Hello, This is work fo esxi 5. What do you mean by esxi? It should work. Most of the systems support macOS on VMware. Sorry, but your guide is very outdated and confusing. Cannot login to Imessage tho. Can you help please? Billz Carter. Great job , thanks guys. Welcome and thanks for sharing your positive feedback. VMware Workstation The installation seems to be going well. Parag Chaudhari. Welcome and Thank you for sharing your positive feedback with us. Did anyone find a solution for the kernel panic mentioned above?

    Ian Stockdale. Regarding with topic do want an article? I mean explain the ways to transfer files from windows to Mac step by step. Hi Mukhtar, first of all many thanks for this perfect instructions! IOS Sierra runs! The only one I have to change was to delete the quotation marks in smc. Hi Faiz and Mukhtar, first of all many thanks for this wonderful instructions!

    Sierra runs perfectly. Has Sierra something like the Disk Cleanup tool in Windows? Thanks in advance Arnie. Hi Faiz, many thanks for your tip! Best regards Arnie. Facundo Acosta. Hello, good afternoon … I did all the procedures correctly but at the moment of starting the virtual machine, I throw an error when starting loading the OS X … The error I leave in the following links … https: Allen Garcia. Any help? Radu Ilie. It works. Abu Saleh Sumon. Thanks for sharing your positive feedback. Will this work on Vmware ESXi 5. I think no, but you can give a try If worked, then please let us know.

    Thank you for this work, it is really great. Thank you, I just wanted to add this in case finds it helpful in someway. Yeah, Thanks for sharing your positive feedback. Welcome dear and thanks for sharing your positive feedback. Can you send me was the error you faced? Hello dear, How can I help you? Hi, any idea for this error? Repeat Step 6. Vipul dave. Is your system support macos? Ok i fixed the problem, i missed to install unlocker. Thank you anyway. Hi guys, you are doing a great job, I get the error: It should work on this system. Once again check you might have done something wrong.

    JM Stenger. I also updated VMware Workstn Pro to Just right click on Win-Install and run as administrator. Bob Jones. Try to recreate the virtual machine according to instructions. Did you remove Hard Drive while creating virtual Machine? Gary H. Seems like I need an ISO file. Enable 3D graphics and it depends on your system performance as well. There are nothing any issues, any warning. What you mean dear?